We headed west to Saarbrücken in the summer of2015, to the Max-Plank-Institute where we were given complete artistic freedomto create a suitable concept for the main hall. Almost immediately we wereinspired to work with the characteristic, cascading staircase made up of hugepieces of glass that look through one another. This feature of the hall reallyemphasized the building’s unique architecture and gave us the opportunity tocreate something that symbolized the spirit of the institution.
The result is by far our biggest artwork todate, we call it: “Inquiring eye”.
We taped a perspective art piece on each glassbanister of the five floors. The right eye consists of built up layers and froma specific point of view, the eye is perfectly aligned and forms a completepair of eyes. The piece symbolizes the complexity of science, as well as thelevel of detail required for research at the institute.
To make this effect even more appealing, weused different colors on each layer. These colors also helped to create aninviting atmosphere, welcoming everyone who enters the institute.

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