Back with our good friends at Converse inAmsterdam, they needed an artwork for the launch of their latest artwork - anew women's sneaker called "Printed Tongue". Given the endlesspossibilities of tape art, we decided to try something new: inverted tape art.
The launch was exclusively promoted on FootLocker, so our piece of work needed to be related to New York city, andconsider the overall sneaker design - in this case the tongue.
We were quick to realize the iconic Statue ofLiberty’s crown looks similar to the tongue of a sneaker. In an abstract way,of course. Because it’s a colorful sneaker, we decided to start by using whitetape on a white canvas, then throw handfuls of vividly colored powder paintdirectly onto the tapeart design.
Afterwards we removed the white tape tounleash the loud, vibrant design underneath.

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