This was a collaborative project combining tape art, video mapping and sounds/music. Our creation was part of the Wilde Möhre Festival 2016. 
Actually, we call it a SOUNDING TAPE MAPPING INSTALLATION. The general idea/topic was METAMORPHOSIS. So, we created three artworks with insects - a firebug, a harvest fly and a honey bee...on big wooden canvases. 

First, we build and painted these canvases. 
Secondly, we created three tape art pieces. 
Thirdly, we set up this installation in a little forest glade. Plus, we build wooden seating accommodation. 
Fourthly, we did the video mapping. 
And finally, we added sounds and also played some ambient sound. 

Which started as an art installation ended up in being an art gallery at day time and a chill-out-floor during the night. It was something special.

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