Berlin is our home, and home is where the art is. We love nothing more than collaborating with other local raw talent to create something truly unique, especially when we’ve been asked to add the final touches to an epic piece of graffiti, made by a handful of Berlin’s biggest sprayers.
The piece was initiated by IMA Design Village - a creative place for people and companies in the heart of Berlin’s artistic playground: Kreuzberg. This old building has an industrial look with a backyard charm. So to say, the perfect spot for an all-star graffiti piece. AMOK, JADORE,UFO 361, ROC, MISTIE, KOL and ROB from TAPE OVER got together and created something huge.
Rob gave the work his personal touch by using pink and magenta tape to create a bold, dynamic line stretching across the entire wall. The line zigzags its way throughout the piece and links all the characters, bringing together the works of Berlin’s most notorious spray artists.
This combination of graffiti and tapeart really shows how street art has evolved. Moreover, it demonstrates how tape art can be applied to any medium, and creating art within different disciplines is a perfect way to inspire each other.

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